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PVC Solvent Cement


Ideal for bonding and coupling of rigid PVC, UPVC pipes, UPVC, CPVC, PVC.



  It is adapted to the CPVC pipe or CPVC sheet medium size which diameter less than 800mm. Applied in civil , industrial CPVC piping systems, drinking water, water treatment equipment, industrial piping , golf course, farmland irrigation, ventilation systems and other fields. 




Remove all burrs and dirt of square pipe ends. Make sure the entire socket surface is covered. Don’t over coat, especially don’t overcoat thin wall or bell and pipe to avoid pudding inside. Check dry fit of pipe and fitting. Pipe should easily go 1/3 of the way in the pipe bottles, it should be sung. If need tools to coat cement recommended applicators is a natural bristle brush. Apply liberal coat of cement to pipe to the depth of the socket, leave no void. Assemble parts QUICKLY CEMENT MUST BE FLUID. If not fluid ,recoat both parts. Hold pipe an d fitting together for at least 60 seconds and wipe off excess with cloth. Do not pressure test until cement is fully cured. Store in a cool ,dry , well-ventilated place. Please cover the container when not in use.


 4.Technical Index 


Technical Data:





Solid Content(%)

Peeling Strengthen(25°C*48h,canvas-canvas N/2.5cm)

 PVC Glue

 Amber thick liquid




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