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One-component PU Sealant
One-component Polyurethane Sealant 

One-component polyurethane sealant is a kind of sealant that is one-component and cures at room temperature. The paste state makes it be squeezed out to operation. One-component polyurethane sealant cures by absorbing the moisture in the air. And it reacts with active group in the surface to play the adhesion role. It is not saggy, so it will not flow when used in vertical joints. It can adhere on metal, rubber, wood, cement, ceramic and glass. It has two functions: sealing and waterproofing. And one-component polyurethane sealant can be divided into two kinds according to the reaction encountering water: water-swelling sealant and no swelling sealant.
One component, easy to use and can construct with a standard caulking gun.
Excellent waterproof ability.
Good aging resistance. Its weight change ratio is very low. And there are urethane linking chains in its structure. So the expansion units will not lose during using. Its using life can exceed 100 years at room temperature.
High bonding strength and outstanding sealing capability. It can bond on the concrete surface firmly whether the surface is damp, smooth or tough. What's more, it has good adhesion capability with metal, rubber, wood, cement parts, ceramic, glass and so on.
No sagging. Used in sealing vertical and the top joints not flowing.
Environmentally friendly. It is resistant to many chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid, salt water, sodium carbonate and potassium hydroxide. It can contact with drinking water. It is safe and nontoxic.
Good wear-resisting performance and excellent resistance to oil.
Good elasticity.
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