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ABS Solvent Cement


Cure fast

High bond strength

Good frost resistance

Resistant to cold and hot water and household chemicals

Temperature resistance up to 80 centigrade




Bonding commection points of pvc pipes, fittings and gutters of drainage, sanitary and agricultural systems




Application temperature must be between +5 centigrade to 35 centigrade

Make sure the pipes fit together properly

Application area of the adhesive must be clean and free of grease , dust and dirt

Apply the adhesive with a brush to the pars to be bonded.

Join the parts together Immediately and keep for a moment in this position.

Remove excessive adhesive with a solvent


shelf fime : 12 Months if stored properly in dry and cool conditons


Technical Data


Density : 0.97

Consistency: Gel

Colour: Clear

Viscocity : 1000-1500 cps

Curing systeym: Physical Drying

Open time : 4 mn


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